When reviewing research and the overall impact you should have on student achievement, we would want to see a .40 or higher effect size.  Homework has a .12 effect on student achievement.  This may or may not come to a shock for you.  Because of research and the impact that we even see on our students Mr. Wolfe and I have decided to streamline our homework policy.  Across the school homework should focus on encouraging reading, study/organizational skills and the STEM fair (grades 3-5).  We agree scholars need to learn responsibility and take ownership for their learning and we also believe there are may other ways we can do so and have increased control of the outcome when the majority of their learning is here at school.  If our parents would like for their own child to engage in additional work outside of school there are many suggestions we can provide that are aligned with our curriculum and you would have access through their child’s user name/passwords and our school website.  Please discuss these options with your child’s teacher and how you can gain access.  Please let us know if you have any questions.