Hello Cotee River Families!

We have an update from Quaver Music! As of today, scholars will only be able to access Quaver through myPascoConnect. If your scholar needs help with this log in information, Mrs. Kelberlau or Mrs. Collinson will be glad to look it up for you. Once your scholar is signed in, he/she should click on the Quaver Music icon, pictured below.  The Quaver Music account is still free. But we can only sign in through myPascoConnect. Once signed in, click on the yellow student tab at the bottom of Quaver Street. Click on A+ Assignments and you can see your scholar’s music assignments! Your scholar can also access a variety of music projects to enhance their learning in music class. 


Please feel free to email or call your scholar’s music teacher if you need more information. 

Mrs. Kelberlau                         Mrs. Collinson

ekelberl@pasco.k12.fl.us      jlcollin@pasco.k12.fl.us

                                  (727) 774-3000