Hello Cotee River Families. This is Mr. Wolfe. I hope you all had a great and restful Winter Break. As a reminder for those scholars who are bus riders that your child’s bus information is available in myStudent, and the district sent an email to all families of this updated bus information prior to Winter Break. The pick up/drop off times were also adjusted based on the school start and end times changing.

     Our staff has a plan set and ready to go when your children arrive Tuesday morning as they will be receiving their bus tags that we will put on their back pack loops as well as their bus passes.  Please keep in mind that all of the bus numbers are different than they were previously. 

In case you have any questions the bus garage for the West Compound is 727-774-0400 or our front office number is 727-774-3000.

     In some ways, January 4 will be like the first day of school in August; everyone will be adjusting to a new schedule and patience is important. We will have safety precautions in place, just like we have during the first week of school. This will result in temporary delays that will be reduced as we all adjust to the new schedule. Thank you so much for your time and please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions. Thank you.